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Jessie J - Hero

Kategori: Allmänt

I'm gonna be risky
Life and soul of the party
No more stressing me out
Pulling me down
Making me feel like I am better off lonely
I'm gonna be fearless
And take care of my business
You stopped keeping me safe
I need to be brave
Shout it out
Shout it out
Shout it, shout it every day now

Try steal my powers right from me
Just like a criminal
But I won't have it
I'm not flying into your arms, no

I never thought that you'd drain the fight out of me
Oops, look what you did to me
Now I figured out

I don't need no hero-oooo...
I can save myself no hero-oooo-oooo...
Anything is possible, feeling indestructible
I don't need no hero-oooo...
I don't need no hero